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Hyip / Re: AiBetCoin -
« Last post by on July 12, 2024, 09:50:44 AM »
Paid!  :)

USTD TRC20 amount: +12
Hash: 9eb557791b82ff2a7f294a959e8f3012ede99c654937bb08dedf82532d5c2636
Date:2024-07-10 12:32:09 (UTC)
Forex Signals / ICTraders Brasil - Free Forex Signals
« Last post by ICTradersBrasil on July 04, 2024, 09:08:12 AM »

▶️AUDNZD: #04072024

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Hyip / Re: Bitce -
« Last post by on July 03, 2024, 10:09:33 AM »
Paid!  :)

Transaction ID: 2491297
Date of transaction: 03.07.2024 04:15
Amount: 2.99 USD
Note: Withdraw to IncredibleEarnings from
ePayCore: E053570
Hyip / Re: Capitalized 5 -
« Last post by on July 03, 2024, 10:07:27 AM »
Paid!  :)

TRX amount:  +38.901423
Hash: 07cbbc7291d663f1e1a24d935d7510952bc9b7458867f64e11c029dd6c085d6b
Date: 2024-07-02 15:33:27 (UTC)
Hyip / Aibetcoin -
« Last post by on July 03, 2024, 09:31:58 AM »
I'm not the admin.
Listed on monitor. :)

Start: 2024-07-02


Register here

BetCoin is an innovative platform that offers various earning opportunities in the world of cryptocurrencies. Our platform attracts both investors and gaming enthusiasts with advanced AI technologies and a user-friendly interface. With the services and advantages provided by BetCoin, our users can have fun while earning.

What Do We Offer?
🔹 AI-Powered Robots: Users can rent our AI-powered robots to earn fixed daily returns. These robots optimize your investments to provide consistent earnings ranging from 1.4% to 4.5%.
🔹 Casino Games: On the BetCoin platform, you can find a variety of classic and strategy casino games. Our games operate in a fair and secure manner, offering users an enjoyable and profitable gaming experience.

1.4% for 80 Days. 2.4% for 80 Days. 3.4% for 80 Days. 4.6% for 80 Days (Principal Returned)

Referral Commission:
from 4% to -10%

Payment Processors:

Minimum Deposit:

Minimum Withdrawal:

+ DDOS Protection
+ Custom script
+ Unique Design
+ Twitter:
+ TeleGram: ;
+ Youtube:
+ Email:

Our deposit:
TRX amount:  +777.154081
Hash: 3816bdd94a35c2b252b1b89c9a168641e0aff3290923117bbc65d02d61e68adf
Date: 2024-07-03 12:16:24 (UTC)

Register here
Hyip / Re:MyFastBoot -
« Last post by on July 02, 2024, 08:13:04 AM »
Paid!  :)

 Transaction ID: 2490678
Date of transaction: 02.07.2024 11:02
Amount: 7.2 USD
Note: Withdraw to IncredibleEarnings from
Affiliate Marketing / Re: FreshForex Affiliate program
« Last post by FreshForex on June 28, 2024, 11:58:42 AM »

Oil prices have shown steady growth from $76 to $85 per barrel of Brent crude (#BRENT) since the beginning of June. This rise is driven by seasonal factors: high consumer activity during the summer driving season, increased demand from the transportation sector, and higher electricity consumption for air conditioning.

However, a more significant development in the oil market is the expiration of the 50-year-old Security Agreement between Saudi Arabia and the USA, signed in 1974, and Riyadh's refusal to renew it.

The agreement facilitated economic cooperation and military needs between the two nations, stabilizing the situation after the crises of the 1970s. The US benefited from oil at favorable prices, while Saudi Arabia gained a technological ally and wealth. Crucially, this agreement mandated that Saudi Arabia sell its oil exclusively for dollars, a restriction that no longer applies. This system greatly strengthened the dollar's position as the dominant global reserve currency by creating worldwide demand for dollars directly tied to oil transactions. Many have called this the "deal of the century."

Abandoning the petrodollar system could, in the long run, weaken the dollar's influence and impact US financial markets, reducing Washington's ability to accumulate national debt and profit from exports. Countries like China, Russia, Iran, and India are increasingly settling trades in their national currencies. By 2023, already 20% of global oil was being purchased without using the dollar. Now, Saudi Arabia can sell oil for any currencies or assets, including the yuan, gold, and even cryptocurrencies, which could significantly boost the value of these assets over time.

FreshForex analysts recommend closely monitoring changes in settlement schemes in the energy markets. Trading instruments like Bitcoin (BTCUSD), Gold (XAUUSD), and the US Dollar to Chinese Yuan (USDCNH) might become very profitable investments in the future.

Affiliate Marketing / Re: FreshForex Affiliate program
« Last post by FreshForex on June 21, 2024, 09:40:59 AM »
Trade as a PRO and pay no commissions

Trade now on a professional ECN account with commission equal to ZERO. Activate the special code ECNFREE in the "Activate Bonus Code" section of your Personal Area.

Use the advantages of professional ECN accounts and pay no commission:

- Zero commission for opening trades;

- Narrow floating spread from 0 pips;

- Market execution of orders;

- 1:1000 leverage;

- All instruments of the company are available;

- Order execution less than 0.1 seconds;

- Possibility to use MT4 and MT5 platforms for trading;

- Possibility to trade with a fixed commission Swap Free for transferring positions to the next day.

And many other advantages of ECN trading are waiting for you in the world of Forex.

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Affiliate Marketing / Re: FreshForex Affiliate program
« Last post by FreshForex on June 18, 2024, 04:35:04 PM »

Specialists at Goldman Sachs Group have revised their year-end forecast for the S&P 500 index (#SP500) upward to 5,600 points. This adjustment is based on the assumption that negative earnings will be below average and that the price-to-earnings ratio is now considered fair.

Yesterday, the S&P 500 reached a new all-time high of 5,488 points! The index has already grown by 15.8% since the beginning of the year, and the upward trend is expected to continue.

We previously discussed the rise of the S&P 500 in April. Our traders closely monitor the market and engage in active trading, so this new surge was not a surprise to them.

The growth of leading American companies strengthens the resilience of the U.S. economy

The stock price of Applied Materials (#AppliedMat) has increased by 56% since the beginning of the year. Applied Materials is an American corporation that provides equipment, services, and software for the production of semiconductor chips used in electronics, flat panel displays, smartphones, televisions, and solar products. The rising demand for electronic chips fuels investor interest in this company.

Motorola Solutions (#Motorola), the successor of one of the oldest U.S. corporations, has transformed into a leading manufacturer of specialized communication devices and holds a monopoly in certain niches. The company's stock has grown by 22.6% since the start of the year. Motorola Solutions focuses on the highly profitable public sector procurement, leading to steady revenue growth for MSI.

Procter & Gamble (#PG) is a global leader in the consumer goods market, well-established in the U.S. and abroad. The stock of this defensive goods group (covering beauty and grooming, healthcare, fabric and home care, and baby, feminine, and family care products) has been growing steadily and reliably. Over the year, their value has increased by 15.6%.

Start your journey in the world of financial investments with advanced trading platforms, comfortable conditions, and attractive bonuses! Trade with FreshForex!

Hyip / Re: NewBond -
« Last post by on June 12, 2024, 07:22:28 PM »
Yesterday at 22:54
+ 1.44 USD
Withdraw to allhyips from
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