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Affiliate Marketing / Re: FreshForex Affiliate program
« Last post by FreshForex on June 11, 2024, 07:54:32 PM »
Ready to take your trading to the next level?

Indicators provide traders with a reliable method to analyze market trends and make informed decisions based on data and statistics.

The DirectionalTrend trading indicator offers a clear view of the financial market's trend development, automatically detecting channels and triangles on the current chart to incorporate them into your trading strategy.

Key features of the DirectionalTrend indicator:

   * Trend Analysis: The primary function of the indicator is to help traders make well-informed decisions by providing clear signals about the dominant trend.
   * Market Direction: It identifies and displays the overall direction of market movement over a specified period.
   * User-Friendly Interface: The indicator is designed with an intuitive interface, making it accessible for traders of all experience levels.
   * Versatile Usage: Traders can use DirectionalTrend to confirm entry and exit signals, identify trend reversal points, and set stop-loss and take-profit levels.

By integrating this tool into your technical analysis, you can make more informed decisions and enhance your profitability in the market.

Download the free 'DirectionalTrend MT4' technical indicator for MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 from the MetaTrader Market and set new records in trading with a trusted broker – FreshForex!

Affiliate Marketing / Re: FreshForex Affiliate program
« Last post by FreshForex on June 06, 2024, 04:29:27 PM »
What are FreshForex traders profiting from?

This week, the financial news market is buzzing with mixed events. Oil prices continue to fall, while American stocks are delighting investors with unexpected rises.

FreshForex traders have quickly capitalized on these events to make profits. Let's take a closer look at what’s happening and why.

Black gold is getting cheaper

At the beginning of this week, oil prices fell again, causing concern among investors. Market volatility is increasing due to fears about future demand and a possible easing of production restrictions by OPEC+ by the end of the year. Brent crude oil fell below $77 per barrel on Tuesday!

Oil prices declined following decisions made by OPEC+ at their June 2 meeting. The organization announced a gradual lifting of oil production restrictions, affecting market sentiment. Moreover, disappointing figures from the US manufacturing PMI (ISM) also played a role: at the end of May, the index dropped below 50 points to 48.7, indicating a decline in the sector. The rise in borrowing costs, limited investments, and increased raw material costs are challenging American industry.

Experts are divided: Goldman Sachs sees potentially negative consequences for the market from OPEC+'s decision, while UBS and RBC analysts believe that the cartel will manage the market flexibly, gradually easing restrictions.

Rises in the US stock market

Meanwhile, optimism reigns in the US stock market. The price of tech giant Apple (#Apple) exceeded a 5-month high, surprising Wall Street once again. The company’s profits surpassed expectations, causing a buzz among investors that continues to this day.

Microsoft (#Microsoft) shares continue to rise. Microsoft is developing and training its own AI model, MAI-1, which could compete with models from Google, Anthropic, and even OpenAI, according to a Yahoo report. The company's first-quarter revenues were supported by high demand for AI products.

Micron (#Micron) shares are soaring. The company is poised to become one of the largest beneficiaries of AI demand in the chip industry. Micron announced strong quarterly results and an optimistic earnings forecast for the current quarter.

Once again, GameStop Corp (#GameStop) became sensational news. As we mentioned earlier, the company’s shares soared following new content from popular YouTube streamer Keith Gill, known as Roaring Kitty. In a recent Reddit post, Gill shared a screenshot of his investment portfolio, which included a significant holding of GameStop shares and call options. This information sparked another explosive interest in the stock, doubling its price to $47 on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on Monday, June 3. We already mentioned GameStop in May, so for our regular readers and active traders, the latest surge was no surprise.

Boldly join the world of financial opportunities and start earning today.

Our 101% protective bonus on deposits will give you more confidence in your trades!

Hyip / Re: Bitce -
« Last post by on May 30, 2024, 08:11:02 AM »
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Affiliate Marketing / Re: FreshForex Affiliate program
« Last post by FreshForex on May 29, 2024, 04:39:06 PM »

Can you find anyone in the 21st century who hasn't heard of NVIDIA, the leader in high-performance computing solutions for the most complex tasks? The corporation's developments have become widespread in the video game industry, professional visualization, crypto mining, and autonomous vehicles.

The latest peak of #NVIDIA shares on the NASDAQ was nearly $1150, and since the beginning of the year, the price has already increased by 130%!

But the extravaganza of generosity for investors doesn’t stop there. Recently, the tech giant announced a 10-to-1 stock split, scheduled for June 10.

Remember, after the previous stock split on July 20, 2021, #NVIDIA's price rose almost 85% without any pullbacks. And now Wall Street analysts are predicting continued growth, driven by several factors:

  • Strong financial health: In the first quarter of 2024, Nvidia reported a 262% increase in revenue ($26 billion) compared to the same period last year, exceeding analysts' expectations. The announcement also mentioned a 150% increase in dividends, further signaling optimistic growth prospects.
  • Diversification of product lines: The corporation continues to expand its product range, including processors for gaming systems, professional video, and autonomous vehicles. This helps minimize risks and dependence on specific economic sectors, as well as attract new customers.
  • Increasing demand in AI and cloud computing: Nvidia is driven to enhance existing technologies and develop new chip designs, leading to revenue growth and higher stock value.
  • Continuous investment in new developments: The company consistently invests significant funds in researching new technologies, allowing Nvidia to stay ahead of competitors and create products that meet the rapidly changing market demands.
  • After the 10-to-1 stock split, the price will become much more accessible, attracting new private investors and additional investments.

Thus, based on the company's strong financial foundation, innovation leadership, and rapid growth in product demand, FreshForex analysts are confident that NVIDIA shares will continue to rise, and the 230% growth in 2023 is far from the limit.

Remember, our trading terminal also offers stocks of other major companies – invest in the best with us!

Hyip / Re:MyFastBoot -
« Last post by on May 29, 2024, 11:42:37 AM »
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Affiliate Marketing / Re: FreshForex Affiliate program
« Last post by FreshForex on May 26, 2024, 09:49:36 PM »

Ethereum (ETHUSD) is once again at the peak of interest in the crypto community, and it's no coincidence. Here are some key events:

1. ETF Breakthrough: The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has finally approved 8 applications to launch Ethereum ETFs from giants like BlackRock and Fidelity. This SEC decision is primarily political and opens the doors to new investments from the masses. It is expected that the Ethereum ETF will attract between $5 and $8 billion.

2. Successful Network Upgrade: The recent Ethereum network upgrade, known as Dencun, brought significant improvements in scalability and security. These changes, including new smart contract capabilities, will make the Ethereum network even more attractive to developers and users, driving further growth.

3. Analysts’ Forecasts Fuel Interest: Analysts agree that the approval of the ETF and the successful network upgrade can significantly impact the value of the second-largest cryptocurrency and may even trigger a new "altcoin season," similar to how Bitcoin ETF approval previously led to substantial price increases across various crypto pairs.

All these factors create optimistic prospects for the cryptocurrency as a whole, attracting the attention of investors and developers. So, if you haven't tried it yet, now is the perfect time to consider investing in the world of cryptocurrencies.

At FreshForex, we offer accounts in 7 cryptocurrencies and 70 crypto pairs with 1:100 leverage for trading 24/7.

Plus, get a bonus of up to 10% on your balance for your first crypto account deposit!

Hyip / Re: Capitalized 5 -
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