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AlysDax receive a lot applications for leadership position daily.
check it - << >>
To become successful AlysDax leader and get financial support you need to promote the platform.
What do leaders do?
*Organise webinars - we will announce it to the community
*Open offices - we will support you
*Set up table talks - in the frames of lockdown 10-15 people at a table talk
*Do posting on the forums or mass media - more people will know about AlysDax
 *Participate in company events - we will announce the dates
*Take part in brainstorming sessions with the management
*Share the ideas and participate in the voting for decisions
*Communicate with clients and investors
*Share the referral link - very important to get commission.
It is a great opportunity to work with a great team of professionals and earn big money.
Number of leadership spots for each country is limited.
Apply now now for the leadership spot (!

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« Reply #214 on: May 26, 2020, 02:54:29 AM »
Do you remember voting for the AlysDax ( application design?
Let me remind you there were two options blue and white.
Firstly, thanks everyone who participated. We appreciate your involvement in the process of application creation.
We do it for you and with you to facilitate the work with the platform as much as possible! Soon we will present it to you!
Secondly, check the features of the upcoming app on the attached picture.

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« Reply #215 on: May 26, 2020, 03:23:37 PM »
Let me give you one  important hint!
Open your portfolio in Alys Money.
I really want you to use maximum opportunity.
Compare 2 calculations
1000 ALYS gives 1.31% per day
1000 USDT gives 1.12% per day

Remember that is Alys Bank you can easily convert ALYS to any other available cryptocurrency.
So if you are attentive that will bring you extra cash.
Stay tuned (!
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« Reply #216 on: May 27, 2020, 04:56:55 AM »
AlysDax recently opened a subsidiary in Argentina
Presentacion AlysDax para Lideres ->
AlysDax German / It's a lot of fun to be with a very active and positive leader

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Hosting YouTube LIVE is becoming a weekly tradition for Japanese leaders: the first live webinar last week received an excellent response from viewers, and a second stream is already planned for this week. Top leader Hajime Onozato will broadcast on Wednesday, May 27, at 21:00 (Tokyo time) and you can become a member simply by clicking on the link

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Paid again!

The amount of 4.92 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U20628430->U1651590. Memo: API Payment. Date: 19:32 26.05.20. Batch: 316166520.

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ALYSDAX is actively developing, its leaders hold a large number of meetings, as well as online events. A large amount of work with investors, participants and leaders of structures requires close personal communication. For easy contact, quick assistance to new participants and growing leaders, regional project partners open consulting centers.

Partners and members of the ALYSDAX community can visit the office at 2QHP + 66 Qinhuai District Nanjing, Jiangsu, China and get all the interesting information about the project!

We thank the top leaders from the Chinese team for the active development and promotion of the project in their region.

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« Reply #220 on: May 28, 2020, 01:48:26 AM »
I found a very interesting article on the Internet from the project leader and I want you to familiarize yourself with it too.
Why am I a part of the AlysDax project? I am often asked this question. I always answer it the same way: because with AlysDax I can receive daily income, the size of which depends only on me and my team. But today I want to give you more information and tell you how and how much I earn in the project, giving you specific numbers.
Let's start! I am Bryan Frost of Ireland and I am the leader of AlysDax!
Since the start of the project, I have achieved the status of MP3 (my investment in the project has long exceeded 20.000 USD, the number of active partners in my team is 74 people). According to the rules of my level, I have access to 5 levels of the referral program with income, respectively, 4% - 2% - 1% - 1% - 0.5%. All this is general information that you can familiarize yourself with on the project’s website, and now let's move on to the specifics.

I have several deposits on the AlysDax website in different currencies, but now I want to give an example only about one of them. It is open in ALYS, one in the currency, which recently appeared in the project. After the developers of the project launched the internal banking system and the ALYS coin, I made a deposit in this currency in order to receive an increased percentage. The amount of my deposit is 22,000 USD, the term of the deposit is 120 days.

Every day I get income in the amount of 1.36% of the deposit amount (this is 299.2 USD daily). If I made a deposit for the same amount in any other currency (USD, BTC, ETH, XRP EOS or USDT), my income would be 1.16% per day (that would be 255.2 USD every day).

Income of 299.2 USD per day means that I fully received back my investment amount in two months and two weeks. After that I will start to receive net income, which will be 168.64% of the amount of my deposit for its entire period (this is 37.100 USD for 120 days). We add to this amount the deposit amount of 22,000 USD and we get that the total amount of my income will be 59.100 USD for 4 months! This is not bad, huh? Given that I receive income daily and I can do with it whatever I want! My MP3 status also implies the presence of 4 bonus days for a deposit (which means that I will receive additional 299.2 USD per day for another 4 days after the expiration of my deposit term).

However, this is not all, as a project leader I get a lot of bonuses from its developers. The first and most important of them is the ability to earn on the investments of my referral partners up to level 5. I get 4% of the income from the amount of deposits of each partner that I personally invited. For example, my partner invested 10,000 USD. This means that my income will be at least 400 USD for investments of this person, plus 2% of the income from people invited by my personally invited partners. In total, as I have already said, 5 levels of the program (4% - 2% - 1% - 1% - 0.5%) and additional income from the profit of my partners (also 5 levels with the amount of 2% - 1% - 1% - 0.5% - 0.3%). All this is real money that I receive on my account every day.

My deposit term is average, if I made an investment for 180 days I would have received even greater income of 321.2 USD every day (1.47% per day) or 81743.2 USD for the entire period. That would be 273.42% for 180 days. That is, I can do X4 in half a year. No investment tool can give such a level of profitability and AlysDax pays my income to my wallet every day.


As I said, the level of my income depends only on me and my team, because as a leader I get bonuses from AlysDax. I have already mentioned about the bonuses from the entire depth of my affiliate network. I can also purchase ALYS coins with the leaders discount and get support in building my referral network from AlysDax. I can motivate my partners by giving them coins. But most importantly, the project supports leaders who are promoting and scaling the platform in their regions. With AlysDax support, I can very easily organize a conference, webinar or other event in my country and invite thousands of people to it simply by posting an announcement on the project’s website, which is visited by millions of users every day. That is why AlysDax is the most popular financial project of 2020 scalable with great speed! I can talk about a project in my country, promoting ads on websites and chatting. This is also easy with the developers of AlysDax, they are always ready to support any ideas on scaling the project that are beneficial to them and me.
There are increased interest on deposit, multilevel income from referral partners, assistance in project promotion, 24/7 support and daily income. All this is what AlysDax gives me and that is why I am the project leader!

How to become a leader and get the same conditions as mine? It is very simple: the AlysDax team is always happy to cooperate with ambitious and active partners. Contact me or write a chat on the project website if you want to become a leader and receive high income and get support every day.
Telegram - @memu777
WeChat ID - memuwe777
I give advice to leaders and investors


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28.05.20 06:17
Received Payment 18.41 USD from account U20628430 to account U******. Batch: 316344875. Memo: API Payment.

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In the presentation you will find the most complete information about the AlysDax project, including the new AlysMoney and AlysBank tools: basic principles of working with investments, an investment calculator and the calculation of planned income for a specific portfolio. Also in the presentation there is a description of the updated marketing program of the project and all the bonuses available to participants and leaders of the project.
You can download PDF files on our website at the following links:
AlysDax created ALYS BANK and ALYS MONEY with stable rate of 1$.
Check now (!

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Eduardo Del Corral le está invitando a una reunión de Zoom programada.
Sábado 30 de Mayo
Presentación AlysDax para Líderes
 Horarios América y Europa:
23:00 h ESPAÑA 🇪🇸
22:00 h CANARIAS 🇮🇨
22:00 h PORTUGAL 🇵🇹
22:00 h REINO UNIDO 🇬🇧
18:00 h ARGENTINA 🇦🇷
18:00 h URUGUAY 🇺🇾
18:00 h BRASIL 🇧🇷
17:00 h CHILE 🇨🇱
17:00 h VENEZUELA 🇻🇪
17:00 h BOLIVIA 🇧🇴
17:00 h R. DOMINICANA 🇩🇴
17:00 h New York EEUU 🇺🇸
14:00 h Los Ángeles EEUU 🇺🇸
16:00 h PANAMÁ 🇵🇦
15:00 h COSTA RICA 🇨🇷
17:00 h CUBA 🇨🇺
16:00 h COLOMBIA 🇨🇴
16:00 h ECUADOR 🇪🇨
16:00 h PERÚ 🇵🇪
16:00 h CDMX 🇲🇽
17:00 h PARAGUAY 🇵🇾
✅ Súmate al momentum de la empresa con más crecimiento
Enlace de sala:
ID de reunión: 749 0953 1992
Contraseña: 2w6XeT


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The amount of 20.18 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U20628430->U******. Memo: API Payment. Date: 09:47 29.05.20. Batch: 316504021.