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  • weenzee.com

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  • Apr 18th, 2019

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New Listings
  • Apr 17th, 2019
  • Legion Trade
    8-10% per day 20 working days
  • Apr 12th, 2019
  • 112% in 10 days ;114% in 12 days; 120% in 16 days and more...
  • Apr 10th, 2019
  • RuizCoin
    3% daily for 50 days
  • Apr 9th, 2019
    Not Paying
    4.8% - 11.8% daily for 35 days, 48% - 118% weekly for 4 weeks, 240% - 600% monthly
  • Apr 8th, 2019
    Not Paying
    5% DAILY FOR 10 DAYS ; 125% AFTER 5 DAYS
  • Apr 7th, 2019
  • Coin Extender
    1.5-1.77% daily for 90 days + 50 GH/s for free
  • Apr 6th, 2019
  • Fxcontractor
    1.3% Daily For 20 Days; 1.5% Daily For 35 Days; 1.7% Daily For 60 Days and more...
  • Apr 4th, 2019
  • 8% daily for 14 days; 250% after 5 days and more...
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Our Investment: $602.00
Referral: 6%/3%/1%
Withdrawal: Manual
Min/Max: $30 / $10000
Last Payout: Apr 16th, 2019
Payout Ratio: 130% in profit
Our Rating:
Monitor Since: Feb 13th, 2019
Online Days: 65 days
Monitored: 64 days
Vote: 229 0 0 0
Features: SSL DDOS Registered Unique-Design Licensed-GC-Script
Accepts:  AccountBalance Bitcoin Dash Ethereum Litecoin Payeer PerfectMoney
Plan: 12% daily for 10 days; 150% after 8 days; 180% after 6 days; 250% after 4 days

About Prospect Bit Limited:
Prospect Bit Limited is a young and legit bitcoin management company.Our company is registered in 25 New Inn Yard,London,United Kingdom, since 2018.

The company is dedicated in cryptocurrencies industry, with outstanding technology of bitcoin trading and bitcoin mining.Since company was born, our role is to offer each person the chance to attend the bitcoin related business and earn profit easily with our powerful sytem.

The current members of our team come from different scientific disciplines, but our common faith in cryptocurrencies has brought us together.Our company has successfully earned huge number of positive reviews and feedback from clients across the worldwide.Join us and grow your bitcoin!

Our Investment: $100.00
Referral: Min 6% - Max 22%
Withdrawal: Manual
Min/Max: $30 / $100000
Last Payout: Apr 17th, 2019
Payout Ratio: 74%
Our Rating:
Monitor Since: Jan 25th, 2019
Online Days: 84 days
Monitored: 83 days
Vote: 26 0 0 0
Features: SSL DDOS Registered Unique-Design Custom-Script
Accepts:  AccountBalance Bitcoin BitcoinCash Dash Dogecoin Ethereum Litecoin PerfectMoney Ripple ZCash
Plan: 0.65%-0.92% for 30 days, 0.81%-1.08% for 60 days, 0.85%-1.12% for 90 days and more...

About Weenzee:
Millions of people around the world are connected by the Weenzee system to a single network. Here gathered people of different professions. They understand that today the one who thinks about the future, wins, thinks quickly and unconventionally, is ready to go to the goal using the technologies of the future and earn where billions rotate. At the forefront of the project are cryptocurrency experts, professional traders and financiers with unique knowledge, bringing multiple profits.

We never set ourselves the goal of simply creating a company. For us, “being not just a company” also means creating something that really changes the rules of the game. Together we create an ecosystem for stable earnings. And the main goal of the project is to start manipulating the cryptocurrency market with the help of fintech services, IT products that have no analogues in the industry.

To control something, to anticipate it. That is why we created a self-learning trading network. Weenzee AI allows you to make successful trade transactions every second. An innovative trading system based on constantly improving AI allows the Weenzee community to predict the market situation and always be one step ahead.


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