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  • Oct 21st, 2019
  • EZcrypto
    3.5% Hourly forever, 13.5% Hourly for 10 hours, 175% after 1 day and more...
  • StakedMix
    130-300% per year
  • Oct 17th, 2019
  • Joinhour
    1.04% - 2.2%hourly for 100 hours,2.3% - 5.6%hourly for 50 hours,24.5% — 37.5%hourly for 20 hours
  • Oct 16th, 2019
  • 1.0% to 1.2% Daily for 200 Working Days.
  • Oct 15th, 2019
    Not Paying
    2.5% - 4% DAILY FOR 5 - 10 DAYS; 7.5% - 13% DAILY 10 - 40 DAYS; 9% - 288% AFTER 3 - 48 DAYS;
  • Oct 13th, 2019
  • Kennedy Fund
    103%-120% after 1 day; 125%-200% after 5 days, 250%-900% after 15 days.
  • Oct 11th, 2019
    3% daily forever
  • Oct 9th, 2019
    Not Paying
    112% After 1 Day, 230% After 5 days, 530% After 10 days, 1100% After 15 days
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Our Investment: $100.00
Referral: 1-20%
Withdrawal: Manual
Min/Max: $20 / $99000
Last Payout: Oct 18th, 2019
Payout Ratio: 237% in profit
Our Rating:
Monitor Since: Jun 30th, 2019
Online Days: 116 days
Monitored: 115 days
Vote: 25 0 0 1
Features: SSL DDOS Unique-Design Licensed-GC-Script
Accepts:  Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Ripple
Plan: 130% after 1 DAY; 12000% after 80 DAYS; BONUS $20

The effect of cryptocurrencies on the international market continues to grow, which means the need to create conditions and opportunities to ensure the smooth use of new financial instruments for everyone. This is what the company TopMaklers, offering its services for various financial transactions with virtual money.

Our Investment: $150.75
Referral: 7-1-1%
Withdrawal: Manual
Min/Max: No minimum / No Limit
Last Payout: Oct 22nd, 2019
Payout Ratio: 1%
Our Rating:
Monitor Since: Oct 21st, 2019
Online Days: 2 days
Monitored: 2 days
Vote: 1 0 0 0
Features: SSL DDOS Unique-Design Custom-Script
Accepts:  Bitcoin Dash Dogecoin Ethereum Payeer PerfectMoney Ripple
Plan: 130-300% per year

About StakedMix:
StakedMix is a young ambitious company, which has decided to unite all the retail investors into one. Having a significant share of currencies in rates, we provide excellent returns for all investors. Using a highly available and secure betting infrastructure on behalf of investors, we cover all leading PoS protocols

Our Investment: $60.00
Referral: 20%-2%-1%
Withdrawal: Manual
Min/Max: $10 / No Limit
Last Payout: Oct 19th, 2019
Payout Ratio: 67%
Our Rating:
Monitor Since: Jun 20th, 2019
Online Days: 132 days
Monitored: 125 days
Vote: 47 0 0 1
Features: SSL DDOS Registered Unique-Design Licensed-GC-Script
Accepts:  AccountBalance AdvCash Bitcoin BitcoinCash Dash Dogecoin EPay Ethereum Litecoin Nixmoney Payeer PayPal PerfectMoney Ripple
Plan: 3% Daily For 90 Days, 6% Daily For 35 Days, 12% Daily For 18 Days and more..

About Passive Revenue Share Ltd:
PASSIVE REVENUE SHARE LTD IS ONLINE SINCE 2012 NOW YOUR MONEY IN SAFE HANDS Managed by the company with 7 years of experience in online investment business. Passive Revenue Share Ltd is a reliable Company with a flawless reputation that works in the sphere of Forex trading and involved in the financial activity on the London Stock Exchange. Our online platform allows investors to make deposits and receive dividends from trading currencies on the Forex market and selling appreciated stocks. Forex trading is one of the best investment options which can ensure a good income. But money managing in the foreign exchange currency market requires knowledge in a variety of financial areas. We are sure that the right combination of the best world experience with a deep understanding of the realities of Forex market, politics, and financial environment is a key factor to success. Today we are satisfied by our position taken on the market and company growth.

Our Investment: $60.30
Referral: 0.5%-10%
Withdrawal: Manual
Min/Max: $50 / $500000
Last Payout: Oct 22nd, 2019
Payout Ratio: 59%
Our Rating:
Monitor Since: Aug 27th, 2019
Online Days: 153 days
Monitored: 57 days
Vote: 38 0 0 0
Features: SSL DDOS Registered Unique-Design Licensed-DevQuill-Script
Accepts:  BankWire Bitcoin BitcoinCash BitcoinGold BitcoinSV Dash Dogecoin Ethereum Litecoin Monero Payeer PerfectMoney Ripple ZCash
Plan: 1.1% daily for 120 days,110% after 5 days,4% daily for 30 days

About 3Deposit Ltd:
We write an automated trading AI system that contains the most frequent operating system and the safest and the most conservative strategy also the program can learn deeply and analyze by the strategy and market changes to achieve the profit. Our strategy suits every different customer, it can help our investor to get the benefit and maximizes the profit, so it comes true the thing that makes customer satisfying in every plan. Our safe system would change strategy with market volatility to ensure the benefit and reduce the risk of the customer.

Our Investment: $61.00
Referral: 10%
Withdrawal: Manual
Min/Max: $22 / No Limit
Last Payout: Oct 17th, 2019
Payout Ratio: 13%
Our Rating:
Monitor Since: Aug 14th, 2019
Online Days: 342 days
Monitored: 70 days
Vote: 1 0 0 0
Features: SSL DDOS Unique-Design Custom-Script
Accepts:  Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Ripple Visa
Plan: Cloud mining with variable plans.

About ECOS cloud mining:
We have a cloud mining service with a real mining farm situated in Armenia, in the Free economic zone.
Some information about our service:
- Unique AI based software that allows you to get 5-10% more revenue in comparison to the direct connection to the pool
- The contracts start from as low as 22 USD for you to test the service
- The shortest period of contracts is 180 days for you to get your investment as soon as possible
- VISA and Mastercard payment methods. BTC payment is also available
- Withdrawal from 0.001 BTC

The available payment methods are as follows: credit card, BTC, XRP, ETH, LTC

Currently there are no items in the Premium listing using Ripple

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