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  • Dec 12th, 2017

  • "Has received the next payment - all works! Thanks to the project and admin! Net amount: +4.10000 mBTC Transaction ID: 7f39219666a66c71dae9f0ba2be7659133dab0be03aa106160 11c075d2ba94a5"

  • "Received $1.38! Thank you! Admin of Incredible-Earnings.com"

  • "Payment from a first-class project) Ƀ 0.00425000 8014c78a6c1bd8258c066c8524ae154038a3f569a6eafeea75 636a1b45c600bd"

  • "Colobit paying! Received Bitcoin +0.00612 BTC ≈ $84.51 From bitcoin address View transaction 12/10/2017 11:30 AM COMPLETED"

  • "New Payment received very fast as always!! Date: December 12, 2017 7:29:26 AM Amount Sent: $15.75 USD Sender Name: PROFITABLE MORROWS PTY LTD Reference Number: 558D3-8593E-FF822 Message: Withdraw from ProfitableMorrows"

  • "Received $22.64! Thank you! Admin of Incredible-Earnings.com"

  • "Received $3.00! Thank you! Admin of Incredible-Earnings.com"

  • "Received $3.10! Thank you! Admin of Incredible-Earnings.com"

  • "Received $3.17! Thank you! Admin of Incredible-Earnings.com"

  • "Received $2.30! Thank you! Admin of Incredible-Earnings.com"
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  • Dec 11th, 2017
  • 4.6% - 6.8% daily for 90 Days
  • 2.4% - 4.8% Daily for 5 Days; 8.4% - 10.8% Daily for 20 Days (30% - 48% Daily for 4 Days
  • Dec 9th, 2017
  • Pegacorn Ltd.
    4.4% Daily for 35 days
  • Dec 8th, 2017
  • Coinri
    From 1% to 4% daily for lifetime
  • Dec 7th, 2017
  • Digithereum
    From 16% to 24% monthly (for 52 weeks )
  • Dec 6th, 2017
  • BigForexTrade
    7.92% - 12.00% DAILY FOR 19 DAYS
  • Finance Walk
    1%-5% Daily For 50 Trading Days. Principal Return.
  • Dec 4th, 2017
  • RelaxBit Club
    10% -15% daily for lifetime
  • Dec 1st, 2017
  • BetBuddy
    144.1 % after 30 days ( Daily payments); 165 % after 20 days ( Daily payments); 128.5 % after 15 days ( Daily payments) and more...
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Instantly Exchange
Not Monitored
Our Investment: $221.00
Referral: 5%
Withdrawal: Manual
Min/Max: 0.01 / No Limits
Last Payout: Nov 16th, 2017
Payout Ratio: 152% in profit
Our Rating:
Monitor Since: Jan 14th, 2017
Online Days: 333 days
Monitored: 333 days
Vote: 93 0 0 0
Features: SSL DDOS Unique-Design Custom-Script
Accepts:  Bitcoin PerfectMoney
Plan: 150% - 182% for 150 / 165 days

About Solid Profit:
Bitcoin mining is the process of adding transaction records to Bitcoin's public ledger of past transactions. This ledger of past transactions is called the block chain as it is a chain of blocks. The block chain serves to confirm transactions to the rest of the network as having taken place. Bitcoin nodes use the block chain to distinguish legitimate Bitcoin transactions from attempts to re-spend coins that have already been spent elsewhere.

However, the more members are mining, the more competitive is gets. Computers are really good at solving these mathematical problems, so the Bitcoin Network purposely makes the solution more and more difficult, otherwise all of the bitcoins would be mined in a couple of minutes. This is why there are already many highly specialized hardware on the market, their only purpose being exclusively Bitcoin mining.

Not Monitored
Our Investment: $100.00
Referral: 7%
Withdrawal: Manual
Min/Max: $20 / $1000000
Last Payout: Aug 7th, 2017
Payout Ratio: 84%
Our Rating:
Monitor Since: Jul 4th, 2017
Online Days: 165 days
Monitored: 162 days
Vote: 25 0 0 0
Features: SSL DDOS Registered Unique-Design Licensed-GC-Script
Accepts:  AdvCash Bitcoin Dogecoin Ethereum Litecoin PerfectMoney
Plan: 2.6 % Daily for 44 Days; 3.1 % Daily for 42 Days; 4.4 % Daily for 34 Days and more...

About Minco Trades Limited:
MINCOTRADERS LIMITED team are specialized in forex trading & bit coin mining from past 15 years located in Vietnam and UK with registration number 10821632. From the evolution of crypto-currency and electronic currencies, MINCOTRADERS LIMITED are following the exchange trend for this. We have analyzed the volatile exchange fluctuation in crypto-currencies in international market and able to understand the trend. After individual expertise on global exchange, trading market and crypto-currency; we came together to start this investment portal in search of partners and customers through which we benefit each other.
Not Monitored
Our Investment: $50.00
Referral: 5% - 3% - 1%
Withdrawal: Manual
Min/Max: $10 / No Limit
Last Payout: Nov 21st, 2017
Payout Ratio: 145% in profit
Our Rating:
Monitor Since: Oct 21st, 2017
Online Days: 53 days
Monitored: 53 days
Vote: 30 0 0 0
Features: SSL DDOS Unique-Design Licensed-H-Script
Accepts:  AdvCash PerfectMoney
Plan: 1% - 2% daily for 15 - 30 days

About Yourbetwin Sports LTD:
Nowadays sports is a popular entertainment. Football, soccer, basketball, hockey and many others getting more fans from day to day, increasing money turnover. Investing into sports events you can gain significant income. But how to do it properly?

Company YOURBETWIN SPORTS LTD specialises in making money on the sports since 2015 year. By virtue of experienced and qualified specialists and analysts money of our customers successfully getting into turnover and start to generate a profit.In this business expertise in all the aspects of game, ability to analyse teams and identify their strengths and capabilities is a must! Our team of professionals have an exactly that kind of expertise.

We can give you 100% guarantee that invested money will start to work and create profit. More than hundreds of our customers successfully getting income with a help from our Company.Start to make money right now with YOURBETWIN SPORTS LTD!

Not Monitored
Our Investment: $40.00
Referral: 10% - 1% - 1%
Withdrawal: Manual
Min/Max: $25 / No Limit
Last Payout: Dec 9th, 2017
Payout Ratio: 142% in profit
Our Rating:
Monitor Since: Oct 27th, 2017
Online Days: 51 days
Monitored: 47 days
Vote: 28 0 0 0
Features: SSL DDOS Registered Unique-Design Custom-Script
Accepts:  AdvCash Bitcoin Payza PerfectMoney
Plan: 4.5% daily for 34 working days. ; 112% in 12 days

About Profitable Morrows:
Profitable Morrows LTD is a private equity management company that welcomes individuals and groups from around the world to participate internationally. The services provided by our company not only provide a profitable return on investment, but also cover the highest levels of account privacy, online security and customer self-service. Our financial portfolio is supported by an active pool of profit realized from a strategic assortment of high-yield assets located at key positions around the world.
Not Monitored
Our Investment: $100.00
Referral: 0.5-5% / 5 Levels
Withdrawal: Manual
Min/Max: $10 / No Limit
Last Payout: Nov 9th, 2017
Payout Ratio: 5%
Our Rating:
Monitor Since: Nov 9th, 2017
Online Days: 34 days
Monitored: 34 days
Vote: 1 0 0 0
Features: SSL DDOS Registered Unique-Design Custom-Script
Accepts:  Bitcoin
Plan: 1-1.4% per Day / 125 Days

About ClickMyAd:
We have partnered with World Top Brands to offer the best revenue sharing website online! Profits that come from every our product sale will be shared to registered members who have purchased Advertisement Packages not including the 5% referral commission, server fee and additional admin fee. We want to emphasise that we do not sell shares. We only sell advertising services. Any additional earnings through revenue sharing rewards and/or referral commissions have to be used to make additional advertising services and cannot be withdrawn from the system. This means that we are not an investment company but solely an online advertising company that entails non- guaranteed profit sharing as a bonus.


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