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Hyip / Re: AlysDax -
« Last post by DotMont on Today at 12:20:41 PM »
   AlysDax Community is growing! Many new participants joined us. They are ready to gain financial independence. Leaders Panji and Deddy have visited many cities. One of those was Banjarmasin.
   Speakers talked about the AlysDax system and its advantages for investors. Payment security in this project is not only digital, but also real, as AlysDax protects your funds with innovative blockchain protocols.
   The conference in Banjarmasin was held in a friendly and family life. After the main part, all participants together with Panji and Deddy discussed the latest news and asked interesting questions. Several constructive proposals were made for the development of the community in modern market conditions.
  All new participants in the project received a lot of new emotions and motivation to increase their income further. Photos are in the gallery on the website. Follow the news and wait for the announcements!
Hyip / TokenWatt -
« Last post by on Today at 11:47:49 AM »
I'm not the admin.
Listed on monitor. :)

Start: 01/04/2020

Register here

TokenWatt turns excess energy into profits for its investors. An average town powered by the wind or solar system generates enough energy to provide its needs and have an oversupply. The power excess becomes the missed profit. Too much power is being generated so it could be enough to provide a new town area, not to miss profit. But we use it in a better way.

TokenWatt saves and stores the excess power until it will be necessary to use. More than that, now we can call the utilization of excess power volume profitable for all participants. Crypto mining containers can easily be connected to the generator. So the unncessary power becomes the necessary crypto currency. TokenWatt gains lucrative profits from this. Everything is coordinated on the blockchain.

5% hourly forever
Plan   Spent Amount ($)   Hourly Profit (%)
0.06% hourly   $1.00 - $499.00   0.06
0.09% hourly   $500.00 - $999.00   0.09
1.5% hourly   $1000.00 - $1999.00   1.50
2.5% hourly   $2000.00 - $2999.00   2.50
5% hourly   $3000.00 - $5000.00   5.00

 12% hourly for 10 hours
Plan   Spent Amount ($)   Hourly Profit (%)
10.3%   $500.00 - $999.00   10.30
11%   $1000.00 - $1999.00   11.00
11.5%   $2000.00 - $2999.00   11.50
12%   $3000.00 - $5000.00   12.00

 165% after 1 day
Plan   Spent Amount ($)   Profit (%)
110%   $500.00 - $999.00   110.00
130%   $1000.00 - $1999.00   130.00
150%   $2000.00 - $2999.00   150.00
165%   $3000.00 - $5000.00   165.00

 625% after 3 days
Plan   Spent Amount ($)   Profit (%)
625%   $500.00 - $2000.00   625.00

 1400% after 7 days
Plan   Spent Amount ($)   Profit (%)
1400%   $500.00 - $3000.00   1400.00

 3000% after 9 days
Plan   Spent Amount ($)   Profit (%)
3000%   $500.00 - $3000.00   3000.00

Referral Commission:

Payment Processors:
Payeer, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, BitcoinCash, Dogecoin

Minimum Deposit:

Minimum Withdrawal:
 0.02 $ / 0.0003 BTC

DDOS Protection
Licensed Goldcoders script
Unique Design
Registered Company

Our deposit:
The amount of 150 USD has been withdrawn from your account. Accounts: U1651590->U21940649. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit to TokenWatt User IncredibleEarnings.. Date: 15:02 01.04.20. Batch: 309456287.

Register here
Hyip / Re: Best Fx World -
« Last post by on Today at 11:33:12 AM »
Paid again! 

+ 2.37 USD
Date: 31.03.2020 23:21:12
ID: 985653989
Details: P1023437284 → P4188557
Amount: 2.37 USD
Comment: Withdraw to IncredibleEarnings from
Affiliate Marketing / Re: FreshForex Affiliate program
« Last post by FreshForex on Today at 05:00:48 AM »

Dear clients,

The current crisis is a hot season for traders. To make you take more profit from the volatile market, we canceled swaps on trading energy commodities again!

This means that you will not pay for a rollover of positions to the next day. Trading without swaps will reduce your trading costs.

Three popular energy commodities participate in the promotion: #BRENT, #GAS, #WTI.

Trade more on beneficial terms!


Dear clients,

Are you lost in the abundance of analytics and news? We offer the source of trading decisions, it's the Telegram channel with signals.

Trading signals will allow you to focus on specific assets and market movements.

Get access to signals by two steps:

1. Fund your trading account with any amount from March 30 to April 3, 2020.

2. Send to [email protected] a request: title it as “Market signals online” and specify a number of the account you funded.

Done! If the terms are fulfilled, we'll give you access to the signals during the 24 hours.

Channel with signals is traders' decision!


Dear clients,

Are you beginners? Don't know how to organize trading? This webinar is for you.

On April 1 at 12:00 GMT we'll look at a few strategies preferred by beginners on Forex. You'll learn the art of scalping and why it is ideal for Forex newcomers.

You may ask FreshForex analyst any questions about market situation or discuss the latest analytical news on the webinars.

To take part in the webinar use this link and log in. You can also see all the previous webinars here.

Join the webinar and start trading more effective with FreshForex!
Hyip / Re: Hex Land -
« Last post by DaTre on Today at 04:17:04 AM »
Payment is Received:

+ 0.00301165
Closed, Inactive & Offline HYIPs / Re: Logus -
« Last post by on March 31, 2020, 04:12:28 PM »

Not paying anymore.
Do not spend here.
Protect yourself staying away of this scam site!.



Проект больше не платит.
Не тратьте здесь деньги.
Админ не платит, не вкладывайте!
Hyip / Re: AlysDax -
« Last post by DotMont on March 31, 2020, 03:44:04 PM »
Just wanted to remind you that tomorrow AlysDax make a live stream 6 pm GMT

💡Hints to make profit💡
Kielas will tell you

✅how to attract more people to your teams
✅what is the main feature of real leader
✅which portfolio term is the best one
✅what AlysDax analytics think about cryptocurrency market
Hyip / Re: AlphaTradeGroup -
« Last post by on March 31, 2020, 02:20:41 PM »
Paid ! :)

The amount of 2.4 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U21203074->U1651590. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw from username: IncredibleEarnings - AlphaTrade.Group.. Date: 17:37 31.03.20. Batch: 308982347.
Hyip / Re: Opixt -
« Last post by on March 31, 2020, 02:18:54 PM »
Paid again! :)

The amount of 1 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U20059113->U1651590. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to IncredibleEarnings from OPIXT - Securities trust management.. Date: 16:30 31.03.20. Batch: 308974885.
Hyip / Re: Auction Today -
« Last post by on March 31, 2020, 12:15:05 PM »
Paid again!

The amount of 0.48 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U11238393->U1651590. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to IncredibleEarnings from Date: 14:57 31.03.20. Batch: 308963980.
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